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FY 2017 HUD Continuum of Care Homeless Assistance Funding Available

The US Department of Housing and Urban Renewal has announced the availability of Continuum of Care funds to assist homeless persons and families in Utica, Rome, Oneida and Madison Counties (CoC NY-518). There is up to $3,019,729 available for renewal projects for our CoC region that covers Utica, Rome, Oneida and Madison Counties, NY.  In addition, up to 6% of this amount ($181,183) is also available for new homeless assistance projects that meet HUD criteria as well as local CoC priorities for new permanent supportive housing.

APPLICATION DUE DATE: Applications for HUD Homeless Assistance funding are due to the MV Housing and Homeless Coalition’s Chair acting on behalf of the Coalition’s Collaborative Applicant, United Way of the Valley and Greater Utica Area by August 28, 2017 at 5:00PM. 

Please read the HUD notice and application requirements carefully if your agency or organization intends to apply for funding.

Document with links to the HUD Notice of Funding Availability, renewal and new project application guides, and MV Housing and Homeless Coalition’s schedule for application processing with due dates is available here.

Questions about this notice or the CoC Application process--- please contact:

Mohawk Valley Housing and Homeless Coalition
Utica/Rome/Oneida and Madison Counties Continuum of Care
Collaborative Applicant: United Way of the Valley and Greater Utica

Steve Darman, Chair:  315-316-0114



FY 2017 CoC Application

2017 CoC PSH and TH Renewal Project Performance Scores are available here.

List of CoC Projects Selected for Inclusion in the FY 2017 CoC Consolidated Application is available here.


FY 2017 CoC Application September 2017 with our CoC’s Priority Funding Listing.

See the FY2017 CoC Consolidated Application here.

See the FY2017 Priority Listing with Final Project Ranking here.


FY 2017 Final Project Ranking

FY 2017 Final Project Ranking

FY 2017 CoC Applications Ranking and Budgets: FINAL per CoC Review and Ranking Committee 9/12/2017.

Please click on the image to view the entire document.



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