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Oneida County Directory of Emergency, Transitional, Permanent Supportive and Homelessness Prevention/Rapid Rehousing Services


Utica Rescue Mission (315) 735-1645

Emergency housing for adult men; Transitional Housing for adult men in recovery; housing for men and women with a mental health disability.

*Emmaus House (315) 797-3339

Emergency housing for adult women with/without children.

*Johnson Park Center (315) 734-9608

Emergency housing for families and for adult women with/without children

Rome Rescue Mission (315) 337-2516

Emergency housing for women with/without children & emergency housing for adult men.

YWCA Domestic Violence Shelters (315) 797-7740

Emergency housing for domestic violence victims and their children: Utica and Rome locations.

American Red Cross-Utica (315) 733-4666

Emergency Housing for disaster victims- short term

Oneida County Dept. of Social Services (315) 798-3696

Public assistance and referrals to obtain emergency housing in Oneida County shelters

*Requires DSS Referral

Kids Oneida - Evelyn's House (315) 733-0236

Transitional housing for pregnant or parenting youth  age 16-21

YWCA- New Horizons (315) 797-7740

Transitional and permanent supportive housing for female youth  age 16-21

YWCA- Willow Commons (315) 724-3924

Transitional housing for women who are domestic violence victims and their children

John Bosco House (315) 733-1506

John Bosco House Transitional Housing for Homeless Young Men Age 16-21.

CNY Services, Inc. Shelter Plus Care (315) 732-4202

Permanent Supportive housing for persons in recovery

Johnson Park Center (315) 734-9608

Permanent Supportive housing for women in recovery, and their children

UCP-Dual Recovery Network (315) 266-0627

Permanent Supportive housing and case management for homeless individuals in recovery

Catholic Charities Oneida-Madison (315) 735-7541

Variety of supportive housing programs for persons with a mental health or substance abuse diagnosis- requires SPOA/A referral- homelessness not required: call 798-5903 for SPOA/A

AIDS Community Resources, Inc. (315) 793-0661

Permanent Supportive Housing for persons with HIV/AIDS

CNY Veterans Outreach Center (315) 982-7508

Homeless prevention, rapid re-housing and case management services for veterans and their family members

Johnson Park Center (315) 734-9608

Rapid Re-housing services for City of Utica only (includes security deposit and short term rental assistance)

UCP-Dual Recovery Network (315) 266-0627

Permanent Supportive housing and case management for homeless individuals in recovery

MV Community Action Agency, Inc. (315) 624-9930


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